Illustrated Children's Books

The purpose of this subsidy is to facilitate publication abroad of high quality illustrated books for children, specifically picture books, originally published by a Dutch or Frisian publishing house, where both the text and the illustrations are of an exceptional quality.

This subsidy scheme is in line with the policy of the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature (NLPVF), namely:

  • to stimulate the production of illustrated children’s books of exceptional quality (through Subsidies for Illustrated Children’s and Young Adult Literature)
  • to achieve publicity abroad for Dutch illustrators (through financial and organisational support for exhibitions of their work)
  • to encourage foreign publishers to publish Dutch children’s books (by subsidising their translation costs).

Financial support

In the case of high quality illustrated children’s books, foreign publishers can apply for financial assistance to cover a proportion of the production costs. The amount granted is based on the direct production costs per copy. The maximum sum that may be awarded is € 2,800. Subsidies granted under this scheme are funded by the Mondriaan Foundation and the NLPVF. If the translator has been approved by the NLPVF, a translation subsidy of max 70% of the total cost of translation can be granted.


Responsibility for the allocation of subsidies for the translation of illustrated children’s and young adult books lies with the executive committee of the NLPVF. Applications are processed by a member of staff at the NLPVF, in consultation with a member of staff at the Mondriaan Foundation. The NLPVF staff member, who may choose to consult an expert, advises the executive committee on whether or not to grant the requested subsidy. The executive committee of the NLPVF takes this advice into consideration in deciding whether or not to meet the request.


The quality of the original work is an essential factor. - The book must be of a high literary and pictorial quality. - The style of illustration, linguistic usage and content must all be aimed at the same age group. - There must be a coherent balance between the text, the illustrations, and the design of the book as a whole.

The following conditions also apply: - The translated edition must be distributed nationwide through recognised general book-trade channels. - The translation must be of a good quality and faithful to the original text. - A publisher will not receive a subsidy for more than two books by the same author or the same illustrator.


Only the foreign publisher can apply for a subsidy. Application must be made in writing and accompanied by the following documentation: the appropriate application form, a copy of the contract between the foreign publisher and the Dutch publisher, and a copy of the contract between the foreign publisher and the translator. The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature may ask for copies of financial agreements relating to the printing and binding of the book. If the application is incomplete, the applicant will be informed. The applicant will then be given two weeks to provide the missing documentation. Applications for foreign editions already published will not be considered.


Every effort is made to process all applications within three months. Subsidies are granted on condition that the publisher agrees to state in the book that

publication was made possible (or aided) by a subsidy from the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature and the Mondriaan Foundation.

As soon as possible after publication of the illustrated title for which a subsidy has been granted, the foreign publisher is obliged to send three complimentary copies of its edition to the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature. Payment of the subsidy takes place on receipt of these finished copies.

Application Form (illustrated children’s books)

Published: August 7, 2006 children | grants

Illustrated Children's Books

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